Studio Artificer is run by ceramicist Isatu Hyde and woodworker and furniture maker Kai Venus-Demetrio from their workshop in South Shropshire. Their working partnership is based on their love of natural materials, and of beautiful, useful things. They both have a natural desire to spend their time building things with their hands. Kai is a romantic pragmatist, Isatu is an intuitive deep-thinker. 
Studio Artificer Shop sells work directly from the Studio Artificer workshop, and from makers who are already (or are on their way to becoming) artificers in their field. Most of the items on our shop are only otherwise available direct from the makers. All of them are individually handmade and therefore innately unique.
Find out more about our current contributors
Isatu Hyde - ceramics
Andrew Crouch - potter
Alison Morton - weaver

Sarah Amatt - suminigashi 

What is an artificer? Find out here.